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Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree is too old to be restored, and it starts to endanger the safety of your home or office, it is time to remove it for your protection. Our experts use different tree removal methods to safely remove the tree regardless of the difficulty. We will do what we can to save your tree, but if you need tree removal in the Lansing, MI, you can trust us to get the job done quickly and safely. We use our training, experience, and equipment to remove trees of all sizes from your yard while ensuring the least amount of damage possible.

Why do you need to remove a tree?

While it is important to remove diseased trees as soon as possible, an old or diseased tree is not a very good view. Diseases can spread quickly to other trees and plants in your yard if not removed, and dead or dying branches are a hazard to your family and property. Aside from these reasons, there are more factors for you to decide why tree removal is a must. One is to provide your home or office more sunlight. Trees that stood beside your building can block sunlight. If you want to make your office or home in Lansing a little bit brighter, tree removal service from Lansing tree Services is a good choice.

Trimming and Cutting

Expertly executed tree pruning can keep your trees looking beautiful, full and healthy. Regular tree trimming and cutting ensures that your trees remain vibrant by removing dead and dying branches and encouraging new growth while controlling tree size. Tree trimming also reduces hazards such as falling limbs or low-hanging branches and makes trees more storm resistant.

Important Facts and Guidelines for Tree trimming and Cutting in Lansing MI

  1. Tree trimming and cutting should be done to reduce the size of larger trees, correct unevenness and remove weak or unstable branches.
  2. Deciduous trees must only be trimmed during winter while they are dormant.
  3. Pruning trees when they are young and growing quickly is important to ensure a strong core for growth.
  4. Regular pruning of fruit-bearing trees keeps the limbs strong and healthy. It is usually done yearly.
  5. Pollarding (removing the upper branches of a tree to promote a dense head of foliage and branches) is an extreme form of tree trimming and cutting that is only recommended in specific cases.

Stump Removal

Do you have an unsightly stump on your home? Aesthetically, a tree stump can ruin the look of your property and detract from your home’s beauty and curb appeal. Lansing Tree Service has the experience and stump removal equipment to remove your tree stump efficiently. We will completely crush your stump, which will create mulch, rich in nutrients. You can use the mulch to your property to enrich other trees and plants. With the proper soil amendment, you can plant a new tree in the same location.

If your yard requires root or stump clearing, you will need expert assistance from our team. Roots can dominate a grass area and this requires a clearing process different from removing stumps. We use several techniques to rid your property of unattractive roots for a more beautiful, efficient landscape. Let Lansing Tree Services handle the job for you.

Benefits of Stump Removal you can Get

  1. Restore the area, making it fully available for new landscaping
  2. Prevent further damage to surrounding property where the stump is currently located
  3. Maintain your yard safely and easily
  4. Mulch created from stump grinding can help the soil restore necessary nutrients for other trees and plants
  5. estores the original condition of the soil

Emergency Tree Removal

Need emergency tree removal services after a storm or an accident? Lansing Tree Services gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Trained staff and cutting-edge equipment allow us to clear your property of dead or fallen trees as well as those that are threatening to cause damage. Our quick and sophisticated service reduces the risk of further property damage, accidents, and other types of injuries. We have state of the art technologies used to guarantee safer and more efficient work.


In all our services, we always prioritize the safety and well being of our clients and employees. We use safety equipment to guarantee safer working environment. Guidelines are strictly implemented to avoid accidents and injuries during the work. From hard hat to our tree removing equipment, we only use the best in the market.

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