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Tree Removal Service in Lansing, MI

We at Lansing Tree Service LLC always strive to save the trees we encounter, although situations may arise where it is of necessity for the tree to be removed. It might be for safety reasons, such as concerns whether the tree is stable, dead or dying and may fall in an upcoming storm, or maybe it is of necessity due to proceeding developments.

Whatever the case, getting a whole tree removed safely can seem like a daunting task for a property owner, and in most cases is not a viable option due to the complexities of the removal process. It could take long hours and even then, making sure that you have all the safety precautions covered can be challenging.

Our brilliant team is highly skilled in determining the best way to remove a tree. They have to account for issues like the size, condition, weight, type of tree, the entire job site and the surrounding area, and other variables.

Removal may be required in the following situations:


  • The plant is extracting too much of soil nutrients and thus depriving the other plants of the nutrients.
  • The plant’s root system is overgrown and may pose as a hazard to the underground piping or your homes foundation.
  • Any new development in your property, where it might act as an obstruction to your new landscaping plans or construction.
  • After storm damage or any other natural cause that compromises the structural integrity of the plant.
  • Infection with disease or infestation with pests.

Small or Big Tree Removal

No matter their size, the time might come where you have to say goodbye to your trees. That’s because it’s not always size or shape that causes the problem. Regardless of whether it’s big or small, a full tree removal service will involve a safe and precise extraction from your yard, from the roots all the way up to the leaves.

Safely is a priority

Our highly trained crew will make sure your home is safe and protected when removing your tree.  We’ll carefully dismantle your tree and remove it piece by piece to ensure minimal damage to the surrounding area.

In addition, all dangerous limbs and trunks are roped and slowly lowered to the ground once the cut has been made.

We can help you

Do not put your property or yourself at risk! If these conditions are similar to yours, give a call to Lansing Tree Service LLC to assess the situation and provide you with a safe and efficient tree removal planMany tree removals are complicated and missteps or mistakes can be very costly – make sure the tree service you choose is qualified and understands the craft very well.

Call us today and we will give you a free estimate. We know that your home or business is important to you, that’s why we’re always ready to help with all of your tree removal needs. Let Lansing Tree Service LLC handle your next tree removal project and we’ll show you why we are a cut above the rest. Schedule your Spring or summer tree service in March and receive a discount negotiated at the time of appointment.

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